Sunday, October 12, 2014

Beauty and the Beast.

Driving home from my OB clinical yesterday, I heard this song on the radio. I've heard it a handful of times before, but for some reason it resonated with me more this time. It really got me thinking about societal views and how people are negatively affected by all of these notions that they have to be "perfect" to be beautiful, loved, and worthy. It breaks my heart that we have this idea that make up, designer brands, a certain number on the scale or a certain clothing size directly correlates with our self worth or level of beauty.

We are ALL beautiful the way God made us. ♡

As an independent coach for one of the nation's leading at-home fitness companies, it's common to be misunderstood as far as my purpose and mission of joining this company. I am here to tell you that I DO NOT sell a number on the scale, a size or letter on your clothes, or the "perfect" body. I do not EVER believe those things define the TRUE BEAUTY or worthiness of a person. Not to mention, a size 2 does NOT fit every body. What might be healthy for one person, could be TOO small for another's build.

I offer HOPE, motivation, SUPPORT, accountability, and the tools you need to live a healthIER lifestyle so you're able to do more for yourself and your family, lessen your chances of disease brought on by unhealthy diets and lack of exercise, and live a longer, happier, more fulfilling life.

I am not in this business for my personal gain. I do not put in the HOURS of work after nursing school, clinicals, and my nursing assistant job with no real meaning behind it. I don't have the time or desire to "sell" someone on a product. I can only lead with my heart and from personal testimony for what the programs (and this business) have done for me.

I became a Coach to help those who need that extra boost, guidance, and structure, a place to feel comfortable trying something new to get their health back from the comfort of their home. I am in this to help end the trend of obesity that is turning people's health upside down. I cannot stress enough, it isn't about the way you LOOK or those pesky numbers on the scales and tags... it is about the way you FEEL, and the overall health of your mind, body, and soul.

Remember: You ARE beautiful!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Is Beachbody Coaching a Scam?

When I first came across this business on a job searching site, it caught my eye right away. I had been using the Beachbody program, Turbo Jam, by Chalene Johnson for years. I kept telling myself "I would LOVE to work for the same company as her! ... How awesome would that be?!"

CEO Carl Daikaler at Coach Summit, June 2014.
Picture of Carl and Chalene from Coach Summit in Las Vegas! June 2014.
Thus began a very long process of "Google" searching anything and everything there was to know about Coaching. The "ins" and "outs". What people liked and didn't like. Why someone like me--a very shy girl who had low self confidence, was bad at communication, and did not like sales--would be able to make this business work. I was terrified of making a commitment to the $15.95 a month fee and ordering Shakeology because I wasn't sure it was actually worth it. I spent hours a day looking stuff up. Watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, scouring the Team Beachbody website for all of the information I could get my hands on.

Here is a sample of a convo I had with a Coach before I signed up... I was so skeptical!

It took me two months to make the decision to sign up... and then another couple hours trying to figure out what challenge pack I should invest in (fitness program & Shakeology). I will tell you that clicking submit on that form scared me like crazy. I was sure I would fail. I was positive I would quit within the first 30 days. But, there was also this fire inside of me that said I had what it took to turn this business into something real.

I was terrified that my friends would all think I was involved in some sort of pyramid scheme to scam them out of there hard earned money for products they would never use. I thought they would judge me for getting involved in network marketing or that they would think it was all a huge joke. Through all those negative thoughts was still one that said I could do this!

Here is another conversation I had before I signed up... again, I still didn't believe in it.

That first month was full or trial and error. I made so many mistakes and wanted to give up so many times, but I kept with it. As the weeks and months passed, I began to realize the beauty of this business. It may have taken a while for me to reach that "Aha" moment, but it was worth all of the struggle. This business is NOT about "selling" things to your family and friends. It is not about forcing yourself to spend a ton of money on things that will collect dust on your shelf. It is about empowering yourself and others to live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives. Forget about people's opinions of you. If you feel drawn to helping end the trend of obesity, that most I can say to you is...

>> People need our help <<

Whether they are:
  • stuck in a weight loss plateau
  • need help with their nutrition and/or portion control
  • want to get more involved with the community in a healthy way
  • need extra income to help pay the bills each month
  • want to help themselves, while helping others
  • seeking personal/professional development
  • inspired to give something new a try
  • looking for a discount on Beachbody products

This business is a great way to incorporate all aspects of your life together. Network marketing is one of the biggest trends for businesses right now, and we are doing all we can to help lift others up to realize their true potential and that they are made for more!

I didn't always believe in this business. I was incredibly skeptical coming into it, and was ready to put money on the fact that I wouldn't last more than a month. With that, I knew I could get my money back if I didn't like it... and obviously, I wasn't going to by the look of this conversation last summer.
How silly was that?! To have such little belief in myself or my ability to positively impact someone's life, that I disregarded my capabilities to succeed at something.

I will admit it is not always an easy road. It takes dedication and hard work to make it in this business. I have failed forward more than I've succeeded, and have not hit my goals in the past couple of months. However, I have no one to blame for that, but myself. I am still 110% dedicated to helping others change their lives through a healthy way of living, combined with daily motivation and accountability to reach their own goals. Your success is my goal. It is not to "sell" products for my personal gain. My level of success, depends solely upon how well my customers and coaches do.

If you try out a program and find it isn't for you, I will gladly help you return it. If you try a new flavor of Shakeology and can't even get it down while plugging your nose, I'll be the first one to help you return or exchange it. If you have fallen off course with your current fitness routine and need some extra accountability and motivation... I'm your girl!

I want to be your BIGGEST fan, your SUPPORT system, and your MENTOR to reach your goals. It's up to you to make the commitment.

If you're interested in learning more about this opportunity or joining as a coach, apply here.

Picture from our team's Winter Retreat in Pennsylvania.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Do you ever have those times where you look around and find you're constantly comparing yourself and your successes to those of other people? If you haven't, you're one of the very rare exceptions. The truth is, we all want to be successful at something - school, sports, our jobs, our relationships. But the difference between WANTING those things and actually achieving them is HARD WORK. It takes dedication and giving your time and efforts to helping others, while expecting nothing in return. It takes perseverance to want something so bad, that you will make sacrifices to achieve them. It takes letting go of your wants, to focus on someone else's needs.
I'll admit, I've been in sort of a funk lately. My biggest passion is helping others to live their best lives. Yet lately, I don't feel like I'm doing that effectively. I could be a better coach, a better nursing student, a better girlfriend, and a better friend... and I WANT to be those things.
I know I am capable of more. I strongly believe I have the capacity to make a positive impact in this world. To help hundreds of people realize their true potential and empower them to take control of their health and their lives. Not only through Beachbody Coaching, but also as a future nurse.
So whatever your passion is, I challenge you to chase it down and don't stop until you've succeeded. Then, push yourself farther and achieve more than you've ever thought possible. Let your light shine through in everything you do.