Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Life of a Nursing Student... turned Coach!

I realize it has been quite a bit since I have gotten on this little blog space of mine. I have truly missed it. A lot has happened over the last month...

I had final exams for nursing school, I moved back in with my parents to save some money for a house, and I began working more. My time has been spent a lot with family when I am not at work, but I am ready to get back in the game. I have today off from working at the hospital, so I spent my morning one of my favorites ways. I cuddled with my puppy, enjoyed a hot cup of coffee, and listened to my team's coach call recording again, since I missed a little bit of it last night.

As I sit here thinking of all the things I want for myself and my future, I keep wondering how I can best utilize my time and efforts to make it all come true. Less than a year ago, I was browsing employment websites to find a part time job to make ends meet. I was working, going to nursing school full time, and volunteering at a local hospital. In reality, I didn't have enough time to find a second job... or to add another thing to my plate of places to go. I wanted to be home with my boyfriend and our puppy. I was away from home enough as it was. [a lot of 12 hour work shifts, and 3 hours a day of drive time were enough!]

Then I found it. I found something most people would consider unconventional, as it is. An opportunity you might be skeptical of, and think I was crazy to get involved with. I sat on the idea for a couple months, myself. I thought it sounded unrealistic, and worried what people would think. "Maybe if I just tried it for a few days", I kept telling myself.

I laugh as I look back on that day now. I remember hitting "submit" on my form, and I freaked almost instantly. That was, until I remembered I had 30 days to get a full refund if I found it "wasn't for me."

Not for me? Oh, how wrong I was.

What was that awesome opportunity that scared me like crazy?

The one that completely changed my outlook on life?

Beachbody Coaching.

It sounds out of the realm of tradition, and what some people would consider to be a "scam". You might look at it as something where you need to be trained, skilled, or a health and fitness professional. Trust me when I say it is absolutely NOT. I walked into this opportunity completely blind. I thought I had a good handle on health and fitness, but this completely changed my entire outlook. This is the first time I began to see REAL results, without depriving myself of foods I enjoy, or spending hours in the gym doing the same three exercises. {{no wonder I never saw results. I had no clue what I was doing!}}

I knew I was meant for something more. There was a reason I stumbled across this opportunity. I just felt it. After wasting time worrying and wondering, I took the leap of faith. I couldn't be happier for that moment of "I CAN".

Sure, it's not a cake walk. This isn't a "get rich quick" scheme, or a cold calling sales job. It is about helping OTHERS, while helping YOURSELF -- to lead HEALTHY, FULFILLING lives!

I'd love to tell you this business is for everyone, unfortunately it's not.

This business IS NOT FOR:

- Those who lack self-discipline.
- Those who want to take the PATH of LEAST resistance.
- Those who need structure and everything spelled out ahead of time.
- Those unwilling to step outside their comfort zone.
- Those who are unwilling to change.

Who it IS FOR::

-Those willing and ready to get in the best shape of your life using Beachbody programs and/or products.

-Those FULLY committed to completing ALL coach training assignments and agree to living OUTSIDE of your comfort zone!

-Those who are COACHABLE and willing to spend a year making short-term sacrifices, if it meant spending the rest of their life enjoying long-term success.

-Those who want to create independence and freedom for you and/or your family, and also have a calling to give back and help others.

-Those who know deep down you were meant for something GREATER.

If you have DREAMED of more freedom, more financial stability, to spend more time with your family on your own terms, to make a difference, and to connect with others who share your passion and dreams...


If you are reading this and you hear that little voice, and your gut is telling you to GO FOR IT... I want to to hear from you!

Apply at: https://naboz1dg.wufoo.com/forms/z1lfn7eu0vb66hy/

**Deadline to apply is: Monday, May 19th!

Not for YOU, but someone popped in your head who would be a GREAT fit?! Tag them in the comments, or send them on over to facebook.com/eatprayfitness! I'd love to hear from them, too!