Saturday, April 12, 2014

Super Saturday

] just got home from my FIRST ever Team Beachbody Super Saturday event, and the fire has been lit. 

Four times a year, thousands of Coaches host meetings on the same Saturday with the same mission. You get key training tips, share business practices, hear about new products and promotions, and find out anything and everything that can drive your business forward—full speed ahead. The coolest part is you get to connect with other Coaches face to face. It's a chance to celebrate one another's successes, bond with your team, and feed off a collective live energy you just can’t get from Facebook and Twitter.

As I was listening to fellow coaches share their journeys this morning, I got teary-eyed. The people I have met through this opportunity have instilled inspiration, motivation, and the ability to DREAM and BELIEVE I am capable of more than I ever gave myself credit for. I have reached goals I never thought possible... until now.

I am your average 27 year old. I am not perfect, and I will never claim to be. I have my ups and downs with fitness and healthy eating just like everyone else. I am a regular girl who wants to share what I am passionate about with each and every one of you.

I have never found a business model that was built upon the motivation, dedication, and success of it's members to better their own lives and those around them. I have heard some of the most remarkable stories of people's lives being positively impacted by this business. Free trips to exotic locations, meet and greets with celebrity trainers, paying off credit cards, being able to afford a new car or house, quitting their jobs and working from home making more money than they did at their previous position. It is a profound and humbling experience to be a part of such a positive and motivational company. Everyone is in it to help each other. To offer accountability, motivation, and support. For me, it is not all about the financial gain. I joined to help empower women just like you, to realize your full potential and reach your goals. I work hard to help you achieve your dreams.

I am sure some of you reading actually love your jobs. There is nothing wrong with that. I will honestly say, I do not think I am meant for that forever. Yes, I am in nursing school, and I want to help others in the most vulnerable times of their life. Yet, I also feel like I am meant for more. I want to be there for my future children... to watch them grow up, be able to attend their school plays and extracurricular activities, and not have a job hanging over me saying whether or not I have the time available to take off, in order to do the things I want to. I know something like this is still a ways out, but it is not impossible.

I am inspired, empowered, and motivated to continue helping others just like you to reach your fitness and financial goals.

I am also looking forward to Coach Summit in June. If you're thinking of becoming a coach, or would like to join my team, email me at and I will get in touch with you to answer questions and get started.

Forget what you've heard about network marketing in the past. This business is a game-changer, and a life-saver. I can personally attest to that.

Have a great weekend, friends!